Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 YO!

25 Thingies No One Comprehends About Moi

1. i hate waking up and not being able to see things kus i haven't put in my contacts yet (and i worry sometimes that if i got stuck on an island i would eventually lose them and not be able to see clearly for the rest o my life)
2. sometimes i don't get to sleep all night and pretend i have been sleeping so someone can wake me up
3. if i could sleep in the nude without being walked in on, i would (but since my door has no lock and is flimsy i get nervous if my back or legs are showing i might offend a member of my family)
4. it is really funny to watch me watching a movie i am enthralled in because i act out each character and say each line (ex. she's the man)
5. a lot of the times if someone is telling me something that will make me sad or ruin my life i intentionally kick in my ADD i know that is horrible but its like my own version of memory repression 
6. every time i am told to write something down or am sitting in front of a blank anything i have to write the words "harry potter"
7. i used to beat kids up in grade school
8. i speak ASL (american sign language) but am to terrified to actually talk to an actual deaf person
9. i was first chair trumpet in jr. high
10. before high school the only book i had ever read all the way through was holes
11. i am never myself in my dreams and if i am it is only for a brief period of time and i usually change character at least 3
12. the only time i have ever sworn in my life is when i do stupid tung twisters or when i mix two words together on accident
13. i thought myself how to ride a bike and i potty trained myself
14. the only time i notice i am tall is when someone tells me that i am or i see myself in a mirror next to someone
15. i dont have a mirror in my bedroom so i use the one in the bathroom and my sisters prob think i use the w/c a lot more than a normal person should
16. i still wish i was a boy with a girls brain (i hate so much being inferior) 
17. me and my sisters are very good at imitating peoples voices
18. i do not want to grow old i secretly wish that i will die on my 50th birthday (not the whole looks thing, i just dont want to feel crapy and lonely and weak for a long time)
19. i have never gone steady with a man
20. i once hit my best friend in the head with a real hammer
21. i honestly do not think about anything for to long 
22. i can never do one thing with my mind i must always be multi tasking in my head always, if not i begin to go insane for realz its scary (22.5 i am so glad no one can ever be in my head i would feel terrible for the poor sole)
23. i really bad wish i was friends with my mom and dad when they were young they are so cool and they were different people then before the h-e double tooth picks that is adulthood set in
24. i wish so bad that i grew up in the 40's or when ever just somewhere where i could do things instead of watch things (24.75 i wish boys were men like in the good old days, such as actually liking girls and asking them out)
24.5ish i am addicted to adrenaline (where the adrenaline involves a motor)
25. i hate looking at ugly people for to long (ugly can be ugly personalities or physically unattractive)

I CHALLENGE THEE ASWELL!!!(thats what i meant by poke)

The only persons I want to poke is Julie and Mark but i don't want to force you, I just jolly-belly-chuckle when I think about what you would say!

ps. heres a picture of Allie jumping into the old hyperspace. I keep telling her she will get a ticket but she says we go to fast for the human eye to see so I let it slide.