Thursday, June 25, 2009


OK OK OK OK EVERYBODY I don't think I can adequately express my joyous excitement for the first segment of the avatar trilogy coming out next year!!! Me and Allie were like little 5 year olds watching FREAKING AVATAR TRAILER!!! Ok so I have done some research and M Night is collaborating with the co makers of the actual TV show(holy poop I feel so stupid calling it a mear TV show, it's more like an epic haiku to the complexity of life! lets just say it completes me). So I know its gunna be true and good and wonderful! I have known that Jasper from twilight will be playing Sokka for a while now, but I had no idea who would be playing everyone else! I am happy to say that I have reviewed them all and happy with 90% of the cast! Now for the other 10 I am terrified that the man they chose for uncle Iroh is not going to live up to the best character ever to be drawn on a television. Me and Allie might know him as the guy who tortured Sayid in LOST because Sayid was a dope and tortured his wife. Not fat not jolly not funny not handsome...ish just a skinny mean guy hurumph!!! Another bone i'd like to pick with the casting director is the guy playing Zuko! Its freekin guy from slumdog millionaire DOUBLE YOU TEA H!!! ugg ok I need to calm down (wax on...wax off) ok so I will leave it to the actual creators of the show to decide who is good enough to play my personal heros. Ok here are some pics I found for your enjoyment!...gahead enjoy!

Princess Yue


mmmm jacob OOPS! how did that get in there?


Uncel Iroh ;(

Firelord Ozai


Earthbending father haha I think he looks perfect for the part (I hope he plays haru's dad)

ok so this is slum bum getting burning up...(for you baby)

THIS IS AANG! (I don't like the tat arrow instead of the charming blue but what can I do i'm just the worlds greatest avatar enjoyer)

If you want to watch the trailer that will make you pee your pantaloons with excitement here is thus link!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


OK everybody if'n you aint herd o the amazazing Imogen heap you must promptly have your ears cut off and plastered to my ipod as a the punishment (then returned to you after a wile so you can make up for your catastrophic mistake). She has the talent of every band ever made wrapped in a cute little englishbird body. if you do not follow her videoblog you should! it is like a ray of sunshine in this sunshine-less world (and if someone says "in this declining economy" again i will be forced to kill myselfe or someone in the vicinity {allie that means you}). i was watching a live version of her hit made for radio, CD and MP3 song hide and seek when i realized i hadn't taken a breath since the video started and that was A MINUET AND 45 SECONDS AGO! she literally took my breath away! i had to take a huge breath breath just to remind myself i hadn't died and done to blissful music heaven! that has never happened to me before! not even when i saw the made for TV man zac effron! but any-who you should watch this lovely blog i have posted as an example of her talent and i am so excited for her new CD! Please if possible listen to the song she samples at the end with your headphones in and your hands over your head phones and listen, please have your ears and heart open so wide that you will feel things with your 6th imogen sense and enjoy the most beautiful song i have herd in this declining economy. so please enjoy the musical stylings of Imogen en en en HEAP P P P (echos)

UGH ok well the video has chosen to cut itself in half so you can only see half of what shes doing if you wanna see the other half of her face please go to this not very well known web cite you have probably not herd of it but its called the url is and if you feel so inclined watch all her other blogs, they are the loveliest
thank you for your attention
love Melissa Ann Kirk III

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LOST...and found

i feel obligated to blog about my favorite star of today which is drumroll please dtstsdtsdtstsdtsd JOSH HOLLOWAY (who plays sawyer the savvy hot nicknamer on the poopular night time TV show LOST) and the reason why will immediately follow this text. 

ok so usually i hate when i find out that stars i have crunches on have a wife...(or husband {jk please dont take that seriously it was to be funny but i dont think it is for people who dont have the sence o humor}) but with josh i love it! all he talks about is yessica! all he thinks about is his lovely wife! and another reason i love her is that she got him to quit smoaking! yay for yessica!!! i love them as s coople please feel free to enjoy some of their wedding pictures.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 YO!

25 Thingies No One Comprehends About Moi

1. i hate waking up and not being able to see things kus i haven't put in my contacts yet (and i worry sometimes that if i got stuck on an island i would eventually lose them and not be able to see clearly for the rest o my life)
2. sometimes i don't get to sleep all night and pretend i have been sleeping so someone can wake me up
3. if i could sleep in the nude without being walked in on, i would (but since my door has no lock and is flimsy i get nervous if my back or legs are showing i might offend a member of my family)
4. it is really funny to watch me watching a movie i am enthralled in because i act out each character and say each line (ex. she's the man)
5. a lot of the times if someone is telling me something that will make me sad or ruin my life i intentionally kick in my ADD i know that is horrible but its like my own version of memory repression 
6. every time i am told to write something down or am sitting in front of a blank anything i have to write the words "harry potter"
7. i used to beat kids up in grade school
8. i speak ASL (american sign language) but am to terrified to actually talk to an actual deaf person
9. i was first chair trumpet in jr. high
10. before high school the only book i had ever read all the way through was holes
11. i am never myself in my dreams and if i am it is only for a brief period of time and i usually change character at least 3
12. the only time i have ever sworn in my life is when i do stupid tung twisters or when i mix two words together on accident
13. i thought myself how to ride a bike and i potty trained myself
14. the only time i notice i am tall is when someone tells me that i am or i see myself in a mirror next to someone
15. i dont have a mirror in my bedroom so i use the one in the bathroom and my sisters prob think i use the w/c a lot more than a normal person should
16. i still wish i was a boy with a girls brain (i hate so much being inferior) 
17. me and my sisters are very good at imitating peoples voices
18. i do not want to grow old i secretly wish that i will die on my 50th birthday (not the whole looks thing, i just dont want to feel crapy and lonely and weak for a long time)
19. i have never gone steady with a man
20. i once hit my best friend in the head with a real hammer
21. i honestly do not think about anything for to long 
22. i can never do one thing with my mind i must always be multi tasking in my head always, if not i begin to go insane for realz its scary (22.5 i am so glad no one can ever be in my head i would feel terrible for the poor sole)
23. i really bad wish i was friends with my mom and dad when they were young they are so cool and they were different people then before the h-e double tooth picks that is adulthood set in
24. i wish so bad that i grew up in the 40's or when ever just somewhere where i could do things instead of watch things (24.75 i wish boys were men like in the good old days, such as actually liking girls and asking them out)
24.5ish i am addicted to adrenaline (where the adrenaline involves a motor)
25. i hate looking at ugly people for to long (ugly can be ugly personalities or physically unattractive)

I CHALLENGE THEE ASWELL!!!(thats what i meant by poke)

The only persons I want to poke is Julie and Mark but i don't want to force you, I just jolly-belly-chuckle when I think about what you would say!

ps. heres a picture of Allie jumping into the old hyperspace. I keep telling her she will get a ticket but she says we go to fast for the human eye to see so I let it slide.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

jb mole

Is it just me or do joe and kevin have the same chest mole...and is their grandmas foot broken? I BET JOE DID IT! if he can brake Taylors heart then he can brake his grandmamas foot!

I don't hate you boys i just am a little bitter. I cant wait for the 3-D movie experience!