Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your wish is my command!

I must preface this by saying IM SORRY. I know that I WILL make grammar/spelling/common sense mistakes. such as, Im not sure if common sense is one or two words...MOVING ONWARD! Im street smart and you can find that out if you come behind me in the dark you WILL enjoy a swift shanking. Anywho you have all been waiting and I have finally rewarded your good behavior and have created this blog. You can now experience what it is like to be a 6foot 18 year old ADD...ing...er(which ever you prefer) hottie with a body. I love you alz and wilt be entertaining you for at least the next 3 days (because I really do have ADD and will most likely be to busy thinking about gorgie male actors and what my reply will be when they DO ask me out).  I will now enclose a picture of my sister Allison-Michelle and I (Melissa Ann Kirk III) taking a dancing lesson 4 days ago, ENJOY!

1 comment:

JULIE said...

SHUT UP I am so excited. Thank you for listening to my command. I have lots of unbound affection for you.