Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Have you seen stranger than fiction? (why am i asking yall questions, this is my blog and you cant answer them, so feel free to answer it in your head((but dont answer it out loud because others might find you insane in the membrane))..{ ?) } Well if you can remember what I was saying 10 eons ago i was talking about stranger than fiction and how i love how Emma Thompson says the word "wed-ens-day". But the true and pure reason for the title of this post being "Wednesday" is that wednesdays are the days that I truly live life (through television). Almost all my favorite shows are on this blessed day, these being PUSHING DAISYS, AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL, and PROJECT RUNWAY. Yes i am aware that i am wasting my life away-ish but i love it, YOU DONT KNOW ME! yes... yes ill tell them...quit it! (sorry one of my personalities is very rude...and french (which is the same thing))
She just reminded me to tell my shower routine!
1 shampoopie
2 face wash
3 brush teefs
4 condish
5 warm vanilla sugar body warsh
6 dont shave under amr's ( i have never had to do that and thank the high heavens for talent)
ok the end (I made a prommis and I must k
eep it, LOOK DOWN)
Julie enjoy
(This might need some explanation, a hot friend of mine once told me that she could fit a quarter up her nozies and i promptly had the nearest quarter up her nose. THIS is that quarter)
Julie is talented...and apparently so is this quarter.


Mads said...

hi....why aren't we on your blog list???? huh??????

JULIE said...

oh, my gosh. that post made my life. we are best friends. forever.