Thursday, June 25, 2009


OK OK OK OK EVERYBODY I don't think I can adequately express my joyous excitement for the first segment of the avatar trilogy coming out next year!!! Me and Allie were like little 5 year olds watching FREAKING AVATAR TRAILER!!! Ok so I have done some research and M Night is collaborating with the co makers of the actual TV show(holy poop I feel so stupid calling it a mear TV show, it's more like an epic haiku to the complexity of life! lets just say it completes me). So I know its gunna be true and good and wonderful! I have known that Jasper from twilight will be playing Sokka for a while now, but I had no idea who would be playing everyone else! I am happy to say that I have reviewed them all and happy with 90% of the cast! Now for the other 10 I am terrified that the man they chose for uncle Iroh is not going to live up to the best character ever to be drawn on a television. Me and Allie might know him as the guy who tortured Sayid in LOST because Sayid was a dope and tortured his wife. Not fat not jolly not funny not handsome...ish just a skinny mean guy hurumph!!! Another bone i'd like to pick with the casting director is the guy playing Zuko! Its freekin guy from slumdog millionaire DOUBLE YOU TEA H!!! ugg ok I need to calm down (wax on...wax off) ok so I will leave it to the actual creators of the show to decide who is good enough to play my personal heros. Ok here are some pics I found for your enjoyment!...gahead enjoy!

Princess Yue


mmmm jacob OOPS! how did that get in there?


Uncel Iroh ;(

Firelord Ozai


Earthbending father haha I think he looks perfect for the part (I hope he plays haru's dad)

ok so this is slum bum getting burning up...(for you baby)

THIS IS AANG! (I don't like the tat arrow instead of the charming blue but what can I do i'm just the worlds greatest avatar enjoyer)

If you want to watch the trailer that will make you pee your pantaloons with excitement here is thus link!


Teri said...

I'll have to play that for Connor, he'll be so excited. he will call it the real Avatar. You rock!

Allie said...

PHEW! They got a boy whose ears poke out! That's all I was worried about. Oh, and Katara is too pretty. But hopefully when they put her little wormies on she'll look uglier. Ha.