Wednesday, April 1, 2009


OK everybody if'n you aint herd o the amazazing Imogen heap you must promptly have your ears cut off and plastered to my ipod as a the punishment (then returned to you after a wile so you can make up for your catastrophic mistake). She has the talent of every band ever made wrapped in a cute little englishbird body. if you do not follow her videoblog you should! it is like a ray of sunshine in this sunshine-less world (and if someone says "in this declining economy" again i will be forced to kill myselfe or someone in the vicinity {allie that means you}). i was watching a live version of her hit made for radio, CD and MP3 song hide and seek when i realized i hadn't taken a breath since the video started and that was A MINUET AND 45 SECONDS AGO! she literally took my breath away! i had to take a huge breath breath just to remind myself i hadn't died and done to blissful music heaven! that has never happened to me before! not even when i saw the made for TV man zac effron! but any-who you should watch this lovely blog i have posted as an example of her talent and i am so excited for her new CD! Please if possible listen to the song she samples at the end with your headphones in and your hands over your head phones and listen, please have your ears and heart open so wide that you will feel things with your 6th imogen sense and enjoy the most beautiful song i have herd in this declining economy. so please enjoy the musical stylings of Imogen en en en HEAP P P P (echos)

UGH ok well the video has chosen to cut itself in half so you can only see half of what shes doing if you wanna see the other half of her face please go to this not very well known web cite you have probably not herd of it but its called the url is and if you feel so inclined watch all her other blogs, they are the loveliest
thank you for your attention
love Melissa Ann Kirk III


Teri said...

She is lovely isn't she? I do have some Imogen Heap on my ipod, can you believe? She is pretty brilliant to do that, it makes you want to buy the album.
Thanks for coming over last night Connor loved it and first thing when he got in the car from school said "Have you heard from Missy today?" He LOVES you. You are a sweetie! Love you!

Allie said...

GET THE ALBUM DONE IMMI! I mean, do yo thang, girl, cause you are incredible. But I'm dying for the new CD. Too bad I'm not a better graphic designer or I would enter that album art contest.