Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LOST...and found

i feel obligated to blog about my favorite star of today which is drumroll please dtstsdtsdtstsdtsd JOSH HOLLOWAY (who plays sawyer the savvy hot nicknamer on the poopular night time TV show LOST) and the reason why will immediately follow this text. 

ok so usually i hate when i find out that stars i have crunches on have a wife...(or husband {jk please dont take that seriously it was to be funny but i dont think it is for people who dont have the sence o humor}) but with josh i love it! all he talks about is yessica! all he thinks about is his lovely wife! and another reason i love her is that she got him to quit smoaking! yay for yessica!!! i love them as s coople please feel free to enjoy some of their wedding pictures.

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Allie said...

I bet you wish you were sharing a screen with SAWYER right now!